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In case of application received in the study center directly or through its office, if the applicant is found eligible on preliminary scrutiny, he/she shall be issued. Such an applicant shall be allocated to a study centre near his/her place of residence.

In case of applications received by an authorized study center similar action shall be taken by the study center, but the admission shall be conditional, subject to ratification by the university.

An Identity card, mentioning the enrolment number of the learner, shall be issued by study center as soon as the admission is confirmed. Learners are advised to keep their identity card safely as it will be required of study material in person. In case of loss of identity card, a duplicate can be issued on receiving a written request along with a fee of Rs 100. The identity card shall be valid for the entire duration of the program.

University may conduct entrance examination twice a year for admission in MBA and MCA or any other course as may be decided by the University. Learners can obtain information relating to the entrance examination from the office of an authorized study center. The university may as an alternative, consider granting admission on the basis of the score obtained by an applicant in any central or state level entrance examination for a similar course.